Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics that Will Hook Your Reader

Should the government ban alcohol? Can this solve many problems in society? It’s just one of the numerous issues you can discuss in your persuasive essay. This kind of writing is very interesting and useful. When working on a persuasive essay, you develop skills on how to convince people that your opinion is right. Can you persuade anyone that your standpoint is worth listening to? Then, it won’t be difficult for you to write a persuasive paper. Is giving arguments that your opinion is the right one, not your strong point? Not a problem! Learn the basics of persuasive essay writing and choose the right topic, which is the key to success.

What is a persuasive essay: A clear picture of it

It isn’t difficult to guess from the name what a persuasive essay is. But still, not everyone has a clear picture of what the purpose of persuasive writing is. So, a persuasive essay is a paper about some actual issue, which includes the opinion of the writer and the arguments supporting his or her point of view. A persuasive essay should be well-structured. It’s a must to have transitions from one argument to another one. It isn’t just a list of arguments why you think so. A persuasive paper is a research, conducting which you need to find the opinions of famous people, compare them and either agree or disagree with one of them.

After choosing your personal position, you need to search for solid evidence able to convince the reader that your opinion is the only one that is worth attention. To achieve this effect, you need to structure the paper in the right way and make sure your language is clear and concise. The formula of successful persuasive paper writing contains three essential constituents: an actual topic about the hottest problems, which are spoken about + logic structure + powerful evidence. 

Have no idea what topics may appeal to your target audience? The hottest topics are here! 

50 Killer persuasive essay topics to choose from 

Check the list below and choose the one you’re familiar with or feel passionate about. 

  • Elementary persuasive essay topics 
  1. Parents should buy pets for kids.
  2. Kids mustn’t eat fast food.
  3. Parents spoil the character of children when buying gifts often.
  4. Animals must live in their natural habitat instead of zoos.
  5. Making a time capsule is a great tradition.
  6. A kid of 3 is a personality already.
  7. It would be better if tutors assigned less homework.
  8. Smoking at the territory of school must be punished.
  9. Online learning will substitute the usual classes soon.
  10. Tutors shouldn’t say grades loud to make students feel nervous.
  • Persuasive essay topics for middle school students
  1. Parents shouldn’t make children study during summer holidays.
  2. Families should spend all spare time together.
  3. Pets should be treated like family members.
  4. Children should have their own pocket money.
  5. Sports make kids more disciplined.
  6. Modern gadgets have unreasonable prices.
  7. Celebrities should sponsor hospitals.
  8. Energy drinks should be banned.
  9. What does it mean to be a good sister/brother?
  10. Pets look after their masters.
  • High school persuasive essay topics 
  1. Migrants should be welcomed.
  2. Hot discussions can be triggered by discussing the news.
  3. The latest achievements of mankind make people less sociable.
  4. Giving kids more freedom is the right decision.
  5. Adults should allow the teenagers to make their own mistakes.
  6. There is a connection between religion and politics.
  7. Tutors should be more loyal to students.
  8. The government should ban experiments on animals.
  9. No need to get married in the modern world.
  10. There is no place for killers on our Earth.
  • College persuasive essay topics 
  1. Cloning is a breakthrough in science. Thanks to clones, people will live longer.
  2. Fate is what is destined to man before birth and it is impossible to change its course.
  3. An engineer can become an alcoholic, and an alcoholic who will undergo rehabilitation can head one of the large companies.
  4. A person can manage what he has and can achieve what he wants.
  5. The financial situation is an indicator of a person’s mind.
  6. Eating fast food on a regular basis is dangerous for life.
  7. Cooking takes too much time.
  8. It is much more convenient to use books in electronic format.
  9. Free Wi-Fi must be present in every café.
  10. A man and a woman can’t be friends.

Pick one of the topics above and you’re guaranteed that your target audience will listen to your essay paper with much interest!

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