Persuasive Essay topics for college

100 Persuasive Essay Topics for College

When they reach college, students are expected to possess and demonstrate some basic competencies. Being able to write essays is among these. However, many students are unable to pen essays that inform, persuade, and challenge notions. Through this guide, it is hoped that college students will acquire the knowledge and inspiration necessary to become better writers. This guide on persuasive essay topics for college is the last of a three-part series with the first two addressing persuasive essay writing for middle and high school students. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Family

While they may provide personal insights, college students should rely primarily on research for persuasive essays on family. 

  1. Millennials will make better parents than previous generations.
  2. The US is facing a crisis of social isolation among older adults.
  3. Children of today are poorly prepared for the challenges that await them in adulthood.
  4. Childhood neglect sets the stage for poor adulthood outcomes.
  5. Poverty robs children of the joy of childhood.
  6. The US needs to incentivize parents to have more children.
  7. An aging population threatens the future of the US.
  8. The sandwich generation is overwhelmed and urgently needs support and relief.
  9. The current model of population growth in the US is unsustainable.
  10. Substance abuse harms relationships within families. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

It is advised that as they tackle topics concerning education, college students should identify novel solutions that can be used to improve the learning process. 

  1. The US lags behind other developed nations in education funding.
  2. With regard to academic outcomes, the US performs poorly compared to other countries.
  3. The current approach to education in the US fails to adequately build the country’s workforce.
  4. There exist glaring racial disparities in academic outcomes across the US.
  5. The traditional lecture-based model of learning is outdated and should be abandoned.
  6. Technology will shape the future of education and learning.
  7. Students should have a say in the design of curricula.
  8. Collaboration between teachers and students holds the key to student success.
  9. Foreign language learning should be compulsory in all schools.
  10. Romantic engagements between college students and their instructors are unhealthy and impede excellence in the classroom. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Politics and Government

The most persuasive essays on politics and government are those that seek to improve the governance processes through inspired solutions. 

  1. The US-China trade war is harmful to the economies of the two countries.
  2. The surge in coronavirus cases is largely the result of poor leadership.
  3. Brexit was a poor decision that will seriously harm the economy and future of the United Kingdom.
  4. Fake news poses a threat to democratic processes in the US and other democracies.
  5. Corruption is among the gravest challenges facing American governance and political processes.
  6. The nomination of Supreme Court judges should be depoliticized.
  7. Voter suppression laws violate the principle of equality and democracy.
  8. Ex-felons should be allowed to vote.
  9. The war on drugs has disproportionately affected communities of color. 
  10. The world should take action against China for the alleged detention of Uighur Muslims. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Technology 

As they examine the subject of technology, college students need to leverage their intimate knowledge of modern technology. 

  1. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are stifling competition.
  2. Google should abandon plans to set up operations in China.
  3. EU privacy laws are too restrictive and harm businesses.
  4. The right to be forgotten is absolute and should be protected at all costs.
  5. The success of technology companies in areas like Silicon Valley has led to a drastic increase in rents.
  6. Technology companies should be mandated to police user behavior and should be held liable for violations committed by users.
  7. Users should have greater control over the amount of data that technology companies collect.
  8. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are among the only defenses that users have against privacy violations.
  9. Password policies have little effect on protecting technology users against such issues as data theft and breaches of privacy.
  10. Companies that suffer security breaches should be required by law to notify all users and customers immediately after learning about the breach. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Religion

Students should remember to be sensitive and respectful as they write essays about religious topics.

  1. The divide between religion and government in the US is being breached.
  2. Far-right religious extremism helps to explain the election of President Trump.
  3. Religion is driving the emergence of populist political leaders and parties.
  4. Being an atheist does not necessarily make one more reasonable.
  5. The increase in the number of atheists should be cause for concern.
  6. Protestantism helped to democratize faith.
  7. Questionable and immoral practices by religious leaders are turning young people away from religion.
  8. Spiritualism is far more important than being religious.
  9. Cults are often mischaracterized.
  10. Religion should be regulated. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are subjects that serve as platforms for advocating for evidence-based lifestyle interventions. 

  1. The American response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was slow and inadequate. 
  2. The current coronavirus pandemic reflects structural problems in the global healthcare system.
  3. Younger people are fueling the spread of the coronavirus. 
  4. The ban on outdoor heaters is necessary to stem the surge in coronavirus infections.
  5. To safeguard human health, tougher restrictions on wildlife trade are needed.
  6. Direct-to-consumer marketing of pharmaceutical products is dangerous and should be restricted.
  7. Medical devices pose a threat to patient privacy.
  8. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is helping to safeguard the privacy rights of patients in the US.
  9. Electronic health record systems are far more effective than their paper-based traditional alternative.
  10. The nursing staff shortage compromises patient health and wellbeing.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Entertainment, Culture, and Arts

Writing on entertainment, culture, and arts should be fun and relaxed. 

  1. The US is the world’s culture and arts capital.
  2. Hollywood is increasingly becoming a potent force in the American political space.
  3. Culture plays an essential role in promoting tolerance.
  4. Islam is not inherently violent.
  5. Banksy is an overrated artist.
  6. Art has therapeutic and healing benefits.
  7. Loud music poses a threat to human health.
  8. The use of certain music in torture cheapens art.
  9. Modern art is elitist and exclusive.
  10. The depiction of nudity in art is essential for expression and should not be needlessly restricted. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Science

Science subjects should be approached with the goal of using research evidence to highlight the supremacy of science, logic, and reason. 

  1. The space race augurs well for the future of science.
  2. The militarization of space should be rejected and fought at all costs.
  3. With advances in medicine, it should be possible for humans to live to 150 years.
  4. Science should always serve as the basis of all public policy decisions.
  5. Divisions within the scientific community undermine public trust in science.
  6. Researchers should not receive funding from organizations whose operations conflict with the purpose of research studies.
  7. Informed consent serves as the foundation of ethical research.
  8. Harming research participants is never acceptable even when research yields massive benefits for humanity.
  9. Science is quickly losing its credibility.
  10. The future of humanity hinges almost entirely on its embrace of science. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Environment

College students should use their essays as tools for highlighting the damage that the environment has suffered and calling for action. 

  1. A ban on fossil fuel-powered vehicles should be enforced to protect the environment.
  2. Compared to the US, the EU is doing more to reverse the damaging impacts of climate change.
  3. Heavier penalties should be imposed of automakers that lie about the emission levels of their vehicles.
  4. Governments should issue larger tax incentives to customers who purchase electric vehicles.
  5. Car-free lanes are necessary to encourage such alternative and greener forms of transport as bike riding.
  6. E-waste is among the biggest contributors to environmental degradation and should be tackled with all seriousness and intensity.
  7. Low-income countries are witnessing the worst effects of environmental damage.
  8. It is unfair for the US and the EU to demand that Brazil should stop clearing the Amazon forest to create room for plantations.
  9. The world will be unable to meet the carbon emission targets that have been set.
  10. The Paris Climate Agreement is an ineffective solution to the climate change problem. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business 

Business-based essays can benefit from the incorporation of theoretical concepts and real-world scenarios. 

  1. Technology is among the key driving forces behind business success.
  2. Regulation is bad for business.
  3. The airline industry faces an uncertain future as the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global travel.
  4. Businesses that release toxic effluents into the environment should face heavy penalties and higher taxes.
  5. Workplace diversity is essential for business success.
  6. Businesses should not be permitted to discriminate against employees on the basis of sexual orientation.
  7. Staunchly religious business owners should not be able to refuse to serve LGBT clients.
  8. Employee satisfaction depends almost entirely on monetary compensation.
  9. The 2008 financial crisis was the result of greed and the absence of effective regulatory frameworks in the US financial industry.
  10. The $1200 checks that the US government is issuing to American adults will do little to revive the economy. 

In closing, persuasive college essay writing remains a frustrating challenge for many students. It is hoped that by writing on the topics listed in this guide, the students will be able to overcome the problems that they grapple with. 

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