Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

100 Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school is the ideal time to introduce students to the skill of persuasion. Teachers can achieve this by assigning students essays that require them to defend positions. The goal of this guide is to identify some of the topics that teachers can challenge their students to write about. It is expected that when they adopt the list of topics, teachers will transform learners into critical thinkers who are capable of developing well-reasoned perspectives. This guide is a component of a three-part series with the other two focusing on persuasive essay topics for high school and college.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Family

When writing about family, middle school students should consider examining their own families for guidance and inspiration.

  1. Families are the basic building block of our societies.
  2. Is it fair to take away children from drug-dependent parents?
  3. Are foster homes safe?
  4. What should the US do about homelessness?
  5. How can we best respond to domestic violence?
  6. Is it fair that mothers are often awarded custody of children in divorce proceedings?
  7. How can poor families be best supported?
  8. Should there be more police in poor neighborhoods?
  9. Are men less likely to suffer domestic violence?
  10. Why should girls be given sanitary towels in school at no cost?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

The best persuasive middle school essays on education are those that are balanced and well substantiated.

  1. Should middle school be free?
  2. Should tuition for students from deprived communities be lower?
  3. Middle schoolers should receive financial rewards for good performance in school.
  4. Middle school students should be taught cursive.
  5. Schools should adopt four-day weeks.
  6. Students should be allowed to decline their homework.
  7. Physical education is better than music.
  8. The school holiday should be longer.
  9. Physical education should be eliminated.
  10. Girls should be allowed to join the Boys Scouts. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Politics and Government

When asked to write about politics and government, middle school students need to be sensitized on the state of affairs in the country.

  1. Our mayor is doing a good job.
  2. Our fire department is effective.
  3. Teachers should be allowed to elect school principals.
  4. Women make better leaders. 
  5. Terrorism has made American schools less safe.
  6. Guns pose a danger to students in the US.
  7. Tougher security measures are needed to keep students safe.
  8. Schools should be protected by police officers.
  9. Schools need to consider installing metal detectors to enhance safety.
  10. Schools with diverse student populations perform well. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Technology 

Technology can serve as fodder for students wishing to enhance their essay writing competencies. As they support middle school students, teachers should issue essay topics that are relatable. 

  1. Schools should discourage excessive social media use.
  2. Technologies like smartphones can make learning fun and easier.
  3. Students should be barred from bringing their phones into the classroom.
  4. There should be limits on the amount of time that children spend in front of the television.
  5. Face-to-face conversations are better than engaging over Facebook.
  6. Social media causes students to engage in unhealthy competition.
  7. Parents should be free to see what their children are posting on Facebook and other platforms.
  8. Children under the age of 12 should not be allowed to use social media.
  9. Children should combine social media use, television watching, and physical exercise in proper proportions to maintain good health.
  10. Technology is offering more ways of interacting. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Gender

To help middle school students to develop sensitivity, teachers should require them to write essays that allow the students to challenge stereotypes. 

  1. Boys and girls are not treated the same way by teachers.
  2. Girls should be allowed to play with toys that are usually meant for boys and vice versa.
  3. Having different school uniforms for boys and girls is a good idea.
  4. It is wrong to place boys and girls in different sections within the classroom.
  5. Boys and girls should continue to use separate bathrooms that should be clearly labeled.
  6. Schools are designed to better meet the needs of boys compared to girls who face challenges.
  7. It is easier for parents to take care of girls than boys.
  8. Only female teachers should be allowed to teach girls physical education.
  9. Boys perform better in the classroom when compared to girls.
  10. Many schools are biased against girls.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health and Wellness

To engage middle school students, teachers are strongly encouraged to base persuasive essays on health topics that motivate students to adopt healthier habits. 

  1. Sitting down for too long is bad for your health.
  2. We need more restrictions on soda in schools.
  3. Students should engage in physical activity for at least one hour every day.
  4. Fries could lead to becoming overweight or obese.
  5. Enough sleep is important for health.
  6. Hygiene is essential for good health.
  7. We should have washbasins and soap in school for handwashing.
  8. Students should have regular health screening.
  9. Parents should be required to monitor the type and amount of food that their children eat. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Entertainment, Culture, and Arts

Essay topics on entertainment, culture, and arts should be such that they guide middle school students in cherishing their heritage and respecting the cultures of others. 

  1. American music is the best.
  2. Television is better than radio for entertainment.
  3. Children should be free to listen to music that they like.
  4. Songs of today are corrupting children.
  5. Painting is an interesting leisure activity.
  6. Longer songs are more exciting.
  7. Drums are the best instrument.
  8. Every city should have a culture center.
  9. Violent movies are harmful to children.
  10. Smoking cigarettes should not be shown on television. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Science

It is important for middle school students to recognize the value that science adds to human life by writing essays that focus on science subjects. 

  1. Space is exciting.
  2. NASA does an important job.
  3. Science is essential for advances in medicine.
  4. We can defeat coronavirus through science.
  5. Children are more likely to become ill.
  6. Childhood diseases are still serious.
  7. Soil erosion threatens agriculture.
  8. Greta Thunberg is a fearless champion for the environment.
  9. Science subjects are immensely interesting.
  10. Science should be taught across all education levels. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Environment

Teachers should inspire students to become champions for the environment through essay-writing exercises that address environmental subjects. 

  1. We are losing the war on climate change.
  2. The weather is becoming hotter.
  3. Animals are going extinct at an alarming rate.
  4. People are to blame for climate change.
  5. Cars are bad for the environment.
  6. Planting more trees helps the environment.
  7. Food waste is unacceptable.
  8. The poor suffer the most because of environmental damage.
  9. Businesses are not doing enough to protect the environment. 
  10. Children have a duty to conserve the environment. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business 

It is essential for teachers to expose middle school learners to the reality and complexity of business operations by requiring them to explore business-related topics. 

  1. Businesses damage the environment.
  2. Businesses should be required to benefit local communities. 
  3. Companies should charge fair prices.
  4. Business licenses should cost more. 
  5. Businesses use too much water and energy.
  6. Companies should pay more taxes.
  7. Businesses should employ more disabled people.
  8. Organizations need to manage trash better.
  9. Companies must support education programs.
  10. Companies that make cigarettes should be shut down. 

In closing, all the topics in the lists above promise to build the skills of middle school students. However, teachers should ensure that the topic that they choose is in line with the specific goals that they wish to accomplish. 

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