Persuasive Essay topics for college

100 Persuasive Essay Topics for College

When they reach college, students are expected to possess and demonstrate some basic competencies. Being able to write essays is among these. However, many students are unable to pen essays that inform, persuade, and challenge notions. Through this guide, it is hoped that college students will acquire the knowledge and inspiration necessary to become better writers. This guide on persuasive essay topics for college is the last of a three-part series with the first two addressing persuasive essay writing for middle and high school students. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Family

While they may provide personal insights, college students should rely primarily on research for persuasive essays on family. 

  1. Millennials will make better parents than previous generations.
  2. The US is facing a crisis of social isolation among older adults.
  3. Children of today are poorly prepared for the challenges that await them in adulthood.
  4. Childhood neglect sets the stage for poor adulthood outcomes.
  5. Poverty robs children of the joy of childhood.
  6. The US needs to incentivize parents to have more children.
  7. An aging population threatens the future of the US.
  8. The sandwich generation is overwhelmed and urgently needs support and relief.
  9. The current model of population growth in the US is unsustainable.
  10. Substance abuse harms relationships within families. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

It is advised that as they tackle topics concerning education, college students should identify novel solutions that can be used to improve the learning process. 

  1. The US lags behind other developed nations in education funding.
  2. With regard to academic outcomes, the US performs poorly compared to other countries.
  3. The current approach to education in the US fails to adequately build the country’s workforce.
  4. There exist glaring racial disparities in academic outcomes across the US.
  5. The traditional lecture-based model of learning is outdated and should be abandoned.
  6. Technology will shape the future of education and learning.
  7. Students should have a say in the design of curricula.
  8. Collaboration between teachers and students holds the key to student success.
  9. Foreign language learning should be compulsory in all schools.
  10. Romantic engagements between college students and their instructors are unhealthy and impede excellence in the classroom. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Politics and Government

The most persuasive essays on politics and government are those that seek to improve the governance processes through inspired solutions. 

  1. The US-China trade war is harmful to the economies of the two countries.
  2. The surge in coronavirus cases is largely the result of poor leadership.
  3. Brexit was a poor decision that will seriously harm the economy and future of the United Kingdom.
  4. Fake news poses a threat to democratic processes in the US and other democracies.
  5. Corruption is among the gravest challenges facing American governance and political processes.
  6. The nomination of Supreme Court judges should be depoliticized.
  7. Voter suppression laws violate the principle of equality and democracy.
  8. Ex-felons should be allowed to vote.
  9. The war on drugs has disproportionately affected communities of color. 
  10. The world should take action against China for the alleged detention of Uighur Muslims. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Technology 

As they examine the subject of technology, college students need to leverage their intimate knowledge of modern technology. 

  1. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are stifling competition.
  2. Google should abandon plans to set up operations in China.
  3. EU privacy laws are too restrictive and harm businesses.
  4. The right to be forgotten is absolute and should be protected at all costs.
  5. The success of technology companies in areas like Silicon Valley has led to a drastic increase in rents.
  6. Technology companies should be mandated to police user behavior and should be held liable for violations committed by users.
  7. Users should have greater control over the amount of data that technology companies collect.
  8. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are among the only defenses that users have against privacy violations.
  9. Password policies have little effect on protecting technology users against such issues as data theft and breaches of privacy.
  10. Companies that suffer security breaches should be required by law to notify all users and customers immediately after learning about the breach. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Religion

Students should remember to be sensitive and respectful as they write essays about religious topics.

  1. The divide between religion and government in the US is being breached.
  2. Far-right religious extremism helps to explain the election of President Trump.
  3. Religion is driving the emergence of populist political leaders and parties.
  4. Being an atheist does not necessarily make one more reasonable.
  5. The increase in the number of atheists should be cause for concern.
  6. Protestantism helped to democratize faith.
  7. Questionable and immoral practices by religious leaders are turning young people away from religion.
  8. Spiritualism is far more important than being religious.
  9. Cults are often mischaracterized.
  10. Religion should be regulated. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are subjects that serve as platforms for advocating for evidence-based lifestyle interventions. 

  1. The American response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was slow and inadequate. 
  2. The current coronavirus pandemic reflects structural problems in the global healthcare system.
  3. Younger people are fueling the spread of the coronavirus. 
  4. The ban on outdoor heaters is necessary to stem the surge in coronavirus infections.
  5. To safeguard human health, tougher restrictions on wildlife trade are needed.
  6. Direct-to-consumer marketing of pharmaceutical products is dangerous and should be restricted.
  7. Medical devices pose a threat to patient privacy.
  8. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is helping to safeguard the privacy rights of patients in the US.
  9. Electronic health record systems are far more effective than their paper-based traditional alternative.
  10. The nursing staff shortage compromises patient health and wellbeing.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Entertainment, Culture, and Arts

Writing on entertainment, culture, and arts should be fun and relaxed. 

  1. The US is the world’s culture and arts capital.
  2. Hollywood is increasingly becoming a potent force in the American political space.
  3. Culture plays an essential role in promoting tolerance.
  4. Islam is not inherently violent.
  5. Banksy is an overrated artist.
  6. Art has therapeutic and healing benefits.
  7. Loud music poses a threat to human health.
  8. The use of certain music in torture cheapens art.
  9. Modern art is elitist and exclusive.
  10. The depiction of nudity in art is essential for expression and should not be needlessly restricted. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Science

Science subjects should be approached with the goal of using research evidence to highlight the supremacy of science, logic, and reason. 

  1. The space race augurs well for the future of science.
  2. The militarization of space should be rejected and fought at all costs.
  3. With advances in medicine, it should be possible for humans to live to 150 years.
  4. Science should always serve as the basis of all public policy decisions.
  5. Divisions within the scientific community undermine public trust in science.
  6. Researchers should not receive funding from organizations whose operations conflict with the purpose of research studies.
  7. Informed consent serves as the foundation of ethical research.
  8. Harming research participants is never acceptable even when research yields massive benefits for humanity.
  9. Science is quickly losing its credibility.
  10. The future of humanity hinges almost entirely on its embrace of science. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Environment

College students should use their essays as tools for highlighting the damage that the environment has suffered and calling for action. 

  1. A ban on fossil fuel-powered vehicles should be enforced to protect the environment.
  2. Compared to the US, the EU is doing more to reverse the damaging impacts of climate change.
  3. Heavier penalties should be imposed of automakers that lie about the emission levels of their vehicles.
  4. Governments should issue larger tax incentives to customers who purchase electric vehicles.
  5. Car-free lanes are necessary to encourage such alternative and greener forms of transport as bike riding.
  6. E-waste is among the biggest contributors to environmental degradation and should be tackled with all seriousness and intensity.
  7. Low-income countries are witnessing the worst effects of environmental damage.
  8. It is unfair for the US and the EU to demand that Brazil should stop clearing the Amazon forest to create room for plantations.
  9. The world will be unable to meet the carbon emission targets that have been set.
  10. The Paris Climate Agreement is an ineffective solution to the climate change problem. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business 

Business-based essays can benefit from the incorporation of theoretical concepts and real-world scenarios. 

  1. Technology is among the key driving forces behind business success.
  2. Regulation is bad for business.
  3. The airline industry faces an uncertain future as the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global travel.
  4. Businesses that release toxic effluents into the environment should face heavy penalties and higher taxes.
  5. Workplace diversity is essential for business success.
  6. Businesses should not be permitted to discriminate against employees on the basis of sexual orientation.
  7. Staunchly religious business owners should not be able to refuse to serve LGBT clients.
  8. Employee satisfaction depends almost entirely on monetary compensation.
  9. The 2008 financial crisis was the result of greed and the absence of effective regulatory frameworks in the US financial industry.
  10. The $1200 checks that the US government is issuing to American adults will do little to revive the economy. 

In closing, persuasive college essay writing remains a frustrating challenge for many students. It is hoped that by writing on the topics listed in this guide, the students will be able to overcome the problems that they grapple with. 

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

100 Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

Persuasive Essay Topics on Family

In their exploration of topics concerning family, students are hereby advised to expand their perspectives beyond their personal experiences.

  1. The modern family is facing an existential crisis. 
  2. Placing children in foster care is essentially condemning them to a life of hardship and misery.
  3. Stay-at-home fathers are just as capable of taking care of children as mothers.
  4. As more women join the workforce, families could lose their stability.
  5. The reluctance by millennials to marry and have children presents a problem for American society.
  6. Children of divorced parents have poor developmental outcomes.
  7. Mixed-race families deal with unique challenges that are not experienced by single-race families. 
  8. Domestic violence has adverse effects on the development of children.
  9. Sexual violence inside marriages is a serious problem that requires urgent solutions.
  10. Same-sex couples are just as capable of bringing up healthy children as their opposite-sex counterparts. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

Education-related topics are best handled through an approach that envisions a new form of education that places focus on the needs of learners. 

  1. College education is pointless.
  2. There exist racial and income disparities in the quality of education in the US.
  3. Schools should implement stringent no substance abuse policies.
  4. School boards should be disbanded and schools placed under the direct control of government authorities.
  5. Schools in poor neighborhoods are poorly equipped to serve their purpose.
  6. College tuition should be done away with.
  7. Religious education should not be offered in public schools.
  8. Prayers should be permitted within school premises.
  9. Teachers should not be allowed to publicly wear items that convey religious messages or have religious significance.
  10. Compared to other developed nations, the quality of education in the US is unacceptably poor. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Politics and Government

For subjects concerning politics and government, teachers should allow high school students to infuse their personal views into the essays that they write. 

  1. Local governments are more effective than state and federal governments in responding to disasters.
  2. The US federal government is needlessly bloated and should therefore be trimmed.
  3. Bureaucracy frustrates the delivery of public services.
  4. Public institutions in the US are embarrassingly incompetent, inefficient, and ineffective.
  5. The US federal government should eliminate such agencies as the Environmental Protection Agency.
  6. The government should have the powers to intervene in personal matters that present implications for the public.
  7. There should be limits on the number of terms that Congressmen and women can serve.
  8. Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico should be granted statehood.
  9. The national drinking age should be set at 18.
  10. The sex offender registry is not an effective deterrent. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Technology 

Essays on technology need to reflect the trends and developments being witnessed today. 

  1. Google and Facebook collect too much personal data.
  2. Stricter enforcement of anti-trust laws is needed in the US.
  3. Technology companies should pay users for access to their data.
  4. Companies like Facebook should install backdoors on such applications as WhatsApp.
  5. Law enforcement agencies should be able to compel technology companies to give up personal user data. 
  6. Privacy of users should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of national security. 
  7. Firms like Google should be barred from doing business with enemies of the US.
  8. Huawei poses a threat to the national security of the US.
  9. 5G technology will revolutionize medicine.
  10. The intellectual property laws in the US impede technological innovation. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Gender

While gender-related topics can be sensitive and controversial, they should be approached with sobriety and students should strive to develop balanced and substantiated arguments. 

  1. Affirmative action is inherently unfair.
  2. Women should not be hired because of their gender but because they are qualified for the position in question.
  3. Companies are not taking adequate measures to protect women against sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. 
  4. The US trails behind other nation with regard to gender equality.
  5. The Equal Rights Amendment is not adequate to guarantee protection for all women.
  6. The experiences of white women are vastly different from those of women of color.
  7. The MeToo movement is needlessly aggressive in its pursuit of equality for women.
  8. Having power does not necessarily protect women against harassment.
  9. The modern workplace is still dangerous for women.
  10. Colleges should set up safe spaces for female students. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health and Wellness

When they write about health and wellness, high school students need to consult research evidence. Additionally, they should not be afraid to confront controversial subjects. 

  1. E-cigarettes carry serious health risks. 
  2. Universal health care is simply unattainable in the US.
  3. Obese individuals are more likely to die from COVID-19.
  4. The US response to the coronavirus pandemic has been inadequate.
  5. Misinformation is hindering efforts to protect public health.
  6. Pharmaceutical companies are among the main enemies of public health in the US.
  7. Trying to lose weight through exercise alone is unwise. 
  8. The anti-vaccination movement has valid and legitimate concerns.
  9. Food deserts across the US are among the primary drivers of the high prevalence of obesity.
  10. Masks are effective in protecting individuals, especially the vulnerable, against contracting the coronavirus. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Entertainment, Culture, and Arts

Entertainment, culture, and arts offer students platforms to celebrate their heritages while acknowledging that more needs to be done to create a more inclusive society.

  1. Diversity can help the US to further develop its entertainment, culture, and arts scenes.
  2. Cultural appropriation could harm racial and ethnic relations in the US.
  3. More spaces are needed for people of color to exhibit their culture.
  4. The US has silenced minorities for decades.
  5. Video games are a valid form of cultural expression.
  6. Entertainment, culture, and arts should have their own fully-fledged government department.
  7. With regard to cultural diversity and the richness of entertainment, the US lags behind other countries.
  8. The glorification of violence in music videos is undermines efforts to promote safety.
  9. American schools need to adopt more culturally diverse and inclusive curricula.
  10. Latin music is measurably and objectively superior to country music. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Science

Science has dozens of interesting topics that could serve as the subjects of high school essays. It is advised that students should provide ample and credible evidence to support their assertions.

  1. Space tourism will be a reality within the next 30 years.
  2. Artificial intelligence will revolutionize air travel.
  3. Genetically modified foods are safe and are the key to global food security.
  4. Ancestry tracing is a scam.
  5. Having more women in science will facilitate progress.
  6. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation.
  7. Science will help humanity to achieve greater longevity.
  8. Greener energy solutions will soon replace fossil fuels.
  9. Robots will replace millions of workers in the coming years.
  10. Science could help to bring world peace. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Environment

As they explore topics that concern the environment, students should use their essays to communicate their personal positions regarding the need for humanity to respond to such issues as climate change with a sense of urgency. 

  1. Unless it takes urgent steps to protect the environment, humanity is doomed.
  2. Poor countries are paying the heaviest price for climate change.
  3. Developed nations should pay more for environmental conservation efforts.
  4. The US decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement was unwise.
  5. US leadership is needed for the war on global warming to be won.
  6. Climate change skeptics are hampering efforts to reverse global warming.
  7. Economic interests are taking precedence over environmental conservation.
  8. Dietary changes promise to accelerate the reversal of climate change.
  9. Such sensitive areas as the Arctic should be protected at all costs.
  10. Schools have an important role to play in environmental protection efforts. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business 

Business topics are supposed to be handled delicately and with the goal of providing clarity on contentious subjects. 

  1. The federal corporate tax is too low.
  2. The government should crack down on big companies that evade taxes.
  3. Tax breaks help the rich at the expense of the poor.
  4. Philanthropic donations should not be tax-deductible.
  5. Many small businesses fail because of limited government support.
  6. Small firms are the backbone of the American economy.
  7. Businesses should be required to meet set gender representation quotas for their workforces.
  8. The hospitality industry will require months to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.
  9. Large technology companies like Amazon should be broken up.
  10. Tighter regulation of Wall Street is needed. 

In conclusion, while they are extensive, the lists above are by no means exhaustive. There are many other persuasive essay topics for high school. Whatever topic they choose, teachers should see to it that the topic engages all of their students’ critical faculties. Also, check out our persuasive essay topics for middle school and college students

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

100 Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school is the ideal time to introduce students to the skill of persuasion. Teachers can achieve this by assigning students essays that require them to defend positions. The goal of this guide is to identify some of the topics that teachers can challenge their students to write about. It is expected that when they adopt the list of topics, teachers will transform learners into critical thinkers who are capable of developing well-reasoned perspectives. This guide is a component of a three-part series with the other two focusing on persuasive essay topics for high school and college.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Family

When writing about family, middle school students should consider examining their own families for guidance and inspiration.

  1. Families are the basic building block of our societies.
  2. Is it fair to take away children from drug-dependent parents?
  3. Are foster homes safe?
  4. What should the US do about homelessness?
  5. How can we best respond to domestic violence?
  6. Is it fair that mothers are often awarded custody of children in divorce proceedings?
  7. How can poor families be best supported?
  8. Should there be more police in poor neighborhoods?
  9. Are men less likely to suffer domestic violence?
  10. Why should girls be given sanitary towels in school at no cost?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

The best persuasive middle school essays on education are those that are balanced and well substantiated.

  1. Should middle school be free?
  2. Should tuition for students from deprived communities be lower?
  3. Middle schoolers should receive financial rewards for good performance in school.
  4. Middle school students should be taught cursive.
  5. Schools should adopt four-day weeks.
  6. Students should be allowed to decline their homework.
  7. Physical education is better than music.
  8. The school holiday should be longer.
  9. Physical education should be eliminated.
  10. Girls should be allowed to join the Boys Scouts. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Politics and Government

When asked to write about politics and government, middle school students need to be sensitized on the state of affairs in the country.

  1. Our mayor is doing a good job.
  2. Our fire department is effective.
  3. Teachers should be allowed to elect school principals.
  4. Women make better leaders. 
  5. Terrorism has made American schools less safe.
  6. Guns pose a danger to students in the US.
  7. Tougher security measures are needed to keep students safe.
  8. Schools should be protected by police officers.
  9. Schools need to consider installing metal detectors to enhance safety.
  10. Schools with diverse student populations perform well. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Technology 

Technology can serve as fodder for students wishing to enhance their essay writing competencies. As they support middle school students, teachers should issue essay topics that are relatable. 

  1. Schools should discourage excessive social media use.
  2. Technologies like smartphones can make learning fun and easier.
  3. Students should be barred from bringing their phones into the classroom.
  4. There should be limits on the amount of time that children spend in front of the television.
  5. Face-to-face conversations are better than engaging over Facebook.
  6. Social media causes students to engage in unhealthy competition.
  7. Parents should be free to see what their children are posting on Facebook and other platforms.
  8. Children under the age of 12 should not be allowed to use social media.
  9. Children should combine social media use, television watching, and physical exercise in proper proportions to maintain good health.
  10. Technology is offering more ways of interacting. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Gender

To help middle school students to develop sensitivity, teachers should require them to write essays that allow the students to challenge stereotypes. 

  1. Boys and girls are not treated the same way by teachers.
  2. Girls should be allowed to play with toys that are usually meant for boys and vice versa.
  3. Having different school uniforms for boys and girls is a good idea.
  4. It is wrong to place boys and girls in different sections within the classroom.
  5. Boys and girls should continue to use separate bathrooms that should be clearly labeled.
  6. Schools are designed to better meet the needs of boys compared to girls who face challenges.
  7. It is easier for parents to take care of girls than boys.
  8. Only female teachers should be allowed to teach girls physical education.
  9. Boys perform better in the classroom when compared to girls.
  10. Many schools are biased against girls.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health and Wellness

To engage middle school students, teachers are strongly encouraged to base persuasive essays on health topics that motivate students to adopt healthier habits. 

  1. Sitting down for too long is bad for your health.
  2. We need more restrictions on soda in schools.
  3. Students should engage in physical activity for at least one hour every day.
  4. Fries could lead to becoming overweight or obese.
  5. Enough sleep is important for health.
  6. Hygiene is essential for good health.
  7. We should have washbasins and soap in school for handwashing.
  8. Students should have regular health screening.
  9. Parents should be required to monitor the type and amount of food that their children eat. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Entertainment, Culture, and Arts

Essay topics on entertainment, culture, and arts should be such that they guide middle school students in cherishing their heritage and respecting the cultures of others. 

  1. American music is the best.
  2. Television is better than radio for entertainment.
  3. Children should be free to listen to music that they like.
  4. Songs of today are corrupting children.
  5. Painting is an interesting leisure activity.
  6. Longer songs are more exciting.
  7. Drums are the best instrument.
  8. Every city should have a culture center.
  9. Violent movies are harmful to children.
  10. Smoking cigarettes should not be shown on television. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Science

It is important for middle school students to recognize the value that science adds to human life by writing essays that focus on science subjects. 

  1. Space is exciting.
  2. NASA does an important job.
  3. Science is essential for advances in medicine.
  4. We can defeat coronavirus through science.
  5. Children are more likely to become ill.
  6. Childhood diseases are still serious.
  7. Soil erosion threatens agriculture.
  8. Greta Thunberg is a fearless champion for the environment.
  9. Science subjects are immensely interesting.
  10. Science should be taught across all education levels. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Environment

Teachers should inspire students to become champions for the environment through essay-writing exercises that address environmental subjects. 

  1. We are losing the war on climate change.
  2. The weather is becoming hotter.
  3. Animals are going extinct at an alarming rate.
  4. People are to blame for climate change.
  5. Cars are bad for the environment.
  6. Planting more trees helps the environment.
  7. Food waste is unacceptable.
  8. The poor suffer the most because of environmental damage.
  9. Businesses are not doing enough to protect the environment. 
  10. Children have a duty to conserve the environment. 

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business 

It is essential for teachers to expose middle school learners to the reality and complexity of business operations by requiring them to explore business-related topics. 

  1. Businesses damage the environment.
  2. Businesses should be required to benefit local communities. 
  3. Companies should charge fair prices.
  4. Business licenses should cost more. 
  5. Businesses use too much water and energy.
  6. Companies should pay more taxes.
  7. Businesses should employ more disabled people.
  8. Organizations need to manage trash better.
  9. Companies must support education programs.
  10. Companies that make cigarettes should be shut down. 

In closing, all the topics in the lists above promise to build the skills of middle school students. However, teachers should ensure that the topic that they choose is in line with the specific goals that they wish to accomplish. 

Informative Speech Topics

Informative Speech Topics: Choose the Best Topic for Your Speech

The goal of the informative speech is to deliver a message about a topic that interests you to a specific audience. This format of a speech is commonly used on different kinds of events, so picking the right informative speech topics is important if you are planning to give a speech.

Even though picking a topic does not seem like a hard task, sometimes it can be complicated. In this article, we gathered some of the best informative speech topics that will help you make a decision.

Best controversial informative speech topics

There are many topics that raise discussions these days. Here are some of the best topics for informative speech:

  • Should prostitution be legal everywhere and regulated by law? Is Amsterdam city a good example in this situation?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned in all countries? How dangerous is it?
  • Is medical marijuana really helpful for those patients who have cancer? Should it be legalized?
  • Meaning of tattoos and piercing. 
  • Is UFO real or is it just a way to make some theories and TV programs popular?
  • The medicine should be free: yes or no. 
  • Hunting should not be allowed, and hunters should be severely fined. 
  • Is cryptocurrency going to be the only currency used in the future? 

The most interesting informative speech topics 

With the new century, many new questions were asked about the growth of modern technology. Here are some interesting topics that might have curios answers: 

  1. How will the automobiles look like in the future? Which completely new features will be added?
  2. There should be now artificially created breeds of cats and dogs. 
  3. People should work 3-4 days per way, and don’t five. 
  4. The male and female communication is very different.
  5. How education is important for the economy of a country? 
  6. What are the best ways to clear out the air and protect the environment? 
  7. Are there situations when it is better to lie than to tell the truth? 

The best informative speech topics for college students

There are many great and interesting topics that a college student can write about, so here is a list of the best themes for the informative speech: 

  • How to get the best grades in college? 
  • How to implement the zero waste lifestyle among students and professors? 
  • How can students earn some additional money in college and still study on a good level? 
  • Are academic writing services good and should students use them? 
  • What are the best time management techniques in college? 
  • Should exams and homework be banned? 
  • Can students work online while studying?
  • The importance of books in the life of a student.
  • How can students combine entertainment and studies? 

Best tips on how to choose a topic for your informative speech 

Choosing a topic is the first step in the speech writing process. Here are some tips on how to pick a nice topic:

  1. Know what kind of event is where you are going to give your speech. Basic information is not always enough: prepare yourself to give a proper speech on a topic related to the theme of an event. Learn more about it before you start writing your speech.
  2. Know who your audience is. To make sure you create interesting content for your listeners, research a little bit to find out about people who will visit the even where you will present your speech. It will be easier to pick a topic. 
  3. Check out the latest news and popular ideas. Find different resources that post daily news and articles, and pick something relevant and nice that you would like to open a discussion about. 
  4. Brainstorm ideas to write about in your speech. It will not take a lot of time. Start thinking about your speech and possible topics, and new ideas will start coming to your head right away. All you have to do is just take notes of your thoughts and later choose the best ideas.
  5. Make a list of possible topics and choose the one you find the best. After you find some ideas and do some brainstorming, form a list of all the topics. Re-read a couple of times and choose something you feel is the most interesting.

Prepare a top-quality informative speech

The informative speech will not only educate your listeners but will give them an understanding of a topic that might have been hard. There are many other types of speeches: definition, explanatory, descriptive, or demonstrative. To write a nice speech, you should research your topic well and use only facts from the resources that can be trusted. Always feel free to ask others to help you with choosing the topic or researching the subject: there are always people around you who are ready to give a hand.

Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics and How to Choose Them

When students write their essays, they may face different obstacles. Some of them may be even unexpected or weird. Thus, some youngsters aren’t able to choose a good topic. They fail right in the beginning and it’s a huge problem. If a researcher doesn’t choose a proper topic, his/her project is doomed to end too soon. Sometimes, this problem appears due to a definite assignment. Thus, many folks cannot choose proper persuasive speech topics.

A speech greatly differs from any essay. The main difference is that a speech makes you speak in front of other people. Some people greatly fear speeches because they are shy or anxious when they speak to a large audience. However, you can easily overcome this fear if you have a good issue to cover. To choose a proper topic for your persuasive speech, you ought to know what makes a good topic.

Your topic should be currently relevant and important for your readers. Put yourself in their place and try to imagine what you would like to listen to. It will be something interesting and problem-solving. Therefore, you are supposed to choose a concrete problem and offer one or several ways to solve it.

It’s helpful to brainstorm your project. Write down all the concepts that occur to your mind. Of course, you ought to make allowances for the academic discipline and your assignment type. The first obligation is clear enough. If you make a speech about politics, the topic must derive from this sphere.

A persuasive speech differs from other assignments too. A researcher is expected to focus on something meaningful. For example, your speech may be dedicated to the comparison of the Democratic and Republican Parties. You should choose a certain standpoint. Let’s say, you have opted for the Republicans. Your project should persuade that this Part is better than its opponent. This is an important issue, which is always popular and so, you’ll have a lot of listeners.

Make sure your topic isn’t too broad. If you cover the entire issue, you’ll simply run out of time. You cannot tell about the history, main principles, struggles and similar things of both sides. Narrow your choice to a concrete point. You can focus on the major differences between two parties. Your topic may sound like this – The Main Differences between the Republican and Democratic Parties and Why the Republicans Are Better.

Afterward, you should find strong arguments that give some general understanding of the main principles of both sides. The next step is to show the supremacy of the Republican Party with the help of contrast. Find relevant data to make your research really convincing. Make sure you have enough of supporting materials.

Brilliant ideas for persuasive speech topics

Under the condition, you still struggle with a choice of good topics for your persuasive speech we can help you. Our experts have generated some great ideas from different spheres. You’ll definitely find some proper options.

Animal Life:

  1. Is it safe to keep Pitbulls at home?
  2. Should be zoos forbidden?
  3. Why do people keep pets?
  4. People should adopt more pets.
  5. The government must spend more money to help homeless animals.


  1. Should the driving age begin at 14?
  2. Why drivers who talk on phones while they drive must be penalized?
  3. Dangers from chasing cars by the police.
  4. How to prevent accidents?
  5. How to share the road with bikes?

The Business Industry:

  1. Why advertising is a powerful weapon for businesses?
  2. The main advantages of online operations.
  3. Offline vs. online business.
  4. What is the use of a business plan?
  5. How leadership skills affect the working process.


  1. Why taxes are important for the government?
  2. Is globalization a positive happening for the USA?
  3. How does global trading affect US citizens?
  4. Employment of the cheaper foreign workforce is dangerous for the local economy.
  5. The oil corporations are responsible for rising energy prices.

Educational Sphere:

  1. It’s necessary to offer free tutoring of poor children.
  2. The major advantages of online education.
  3. What is the use of a gap year?
  4. Why studying abroad is useful for students?
  5. How to prevent racism on the campus?

You’re welcome to use our concepts. They belong to different spheres of our life and you’ll surely face them while you prepare your speech projects. We likewise recommend looking for some other lists as well. It’s a reasonable and helpful way to enlarge your knowledge and come up with brilliant ideas. Surf the Internet and read special educational websites. Besides, you can use the assistance of some trustworthy academic writing agencies. They are capable of generating the best ideas for persuasive speech topics.