Informative Speech Topics

Informative Speech Topics: Choose the Best Topic for Your Speech

The goal of the informative speech is to deliver a message about a topic that interests you to a specific audience. This format of a speech is commonly used on different kinds of events, so picking the right informative speech topics is important if you are planning to give a speech.

Even though picking a topic does not seem like a hard task, sometimes it can be complicated. In this article, we gathered some of the best informative speech topics that will help you make a decision.

Best controversial informative speech topics

There are many topics that raise discussions these days. Here are some of the best topics for informative speech:

  • Should prostitution be legal everywhere and regulated by law? Is Amsterdam city a good example in this situation?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned in all countries? How dangerous is it?
  • Is medical marijuana really helpful for those patients who have cancer? Should it be legalized?
  • Meaning of tattoos and piercing. 
  • Is UFO real or is it just a way to make some theories and TV programs popular?
  • The medicine should be free: yes or no. 
  • Hunting should not be allowed, and hunters should be severely fined. 
  • Is cryptocurrency going to be the only currency used in the future? 

The most interesting informative speech topics 

With the new century, many new questions were asked about the growth of modern technology. Here are some interesting topics that might have curios answers: 

  1. How will the automobiles look like in the future? Which completely new features will be added?
  2. There should be now artificially created breeds of cats and dogs. 
  3. People should work 3-4 days per way, and don’t five. 
  4. The male and female communication is very different.
  5. How education is important for the economy of a country? 
  6. What are the best ways to clear out the air and protect the environment? 
  7. Are there situations when it is better to lie than to tell the truth? 

The best informative speech topics for college students

There are many great and interesting topics that a college student can write about, so here is a list of the best themes for the informative speech: 

  • How to get the best grades in college? 
  • How to implement the zero waste lifestyle among students and professors? 
  • How can students earn some additional money in college and still study on a good level? 
  • Are academic writing services good and should students use them? 
  • What are the best time management techniques in college? 
  • Should exams and homework be banned? 
  • Can students work online while studying?
  • The importance of books in the life of a student.
  • How can students combine entertainment and studies? 

Best tips on how to choose a topic for your informative speech 

Choosing a topic is the first step in the speech writing process. Here are some tips on how to pick a nice topic:

  1. Know what kind of event is where you are going to give your speech. Basic information is not always enough: prepare yourself to give a proper speech on a topic related to the theme of an event. Learn more about it before you start writing your speech.
  2. Know who your audience is. To make sure you create interesting content for your listeners, research a little bit to find out about people who will visit the even where you will present your speech. It will be easier to pick a topic. 
  3. Check out the latest news and popular ideas. Find different resources that post daily news and articles, and pick something relevant and nice that you would like to open a discussion about. 
  4. Brainstorm ideas to write about in your speech. It will not take a lot of time. Start thinking about your speech and possible topics, and new ideas will start coming to your head right away. All you have to do is just take notes of your thoughts and later choose the best ideas.
  5. Make a list of possible topics and choose the one you find the best. After you find some ideas and do some brainstorming, form a list of all the topics. Re-read a couple of times and choose something you feel is the most interesting.

Prepare a top-quality informative speech

The informative speech will not only educate your listeners but will give them an understanding of a topic that might have been hard. There are many other types of speeches: definition, explanatory, descriptive, or demonstrative. To write a nice speech, you should research your topic well and use only facts from the resources that can be trusted. Always feel free to ask others to help you with choosing the topic or researching the subject: there are always people around you who are ready to give a hand.

Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics and How to Choose Them

When students write their essays, they may face different obstacles. Some of them may be even unexpected or weird. Thus, some youngsters aren’t able to choose a good topic. They fail right in the beginning and it’s a huge problem. If a researcher doesn’t choose a proper topic, his/her project is doomed to end too soon. Sometimes, this problem appears due to a definite assignment. Thus, many folks cannot choose proper persuasive speech topics.

A speech greatly differs from any essay. The main difference is that a speech makes you speak in front of other people. Some people greatly fear speeches because they are shy or anxious when they speak to a large audience. However, you can easily overcome this fear if you have a good issue to cover. To choose a proper topic for your persuasive speech, you ought to know what makes a good topic.

Your topic should be currently relevant and important for your readers. Put yourself in their place and try to imagine what you would like to listen to. It will be something interesting and problem-solving. Therefore, you are supposed to choose a concrete problem and offer one or several ways to solve it.

It’s helpful to brainstorm your project. Write down all the concepts that occur to your mind. Of course, you ought to make allowances for the academic discipline and your assignment type. The first obligation is clear enough. If you make a speech about politics, the topic must derive from this sphere.

A persuasive speech differs from other assignments too. A researcher is expected to focus on something meaningful. For example, your speech may be dedicated to the comparison of the Democratic and Republican Parties. You should choose a certain standpoint. Let’s say, you have opted for the Republicans. Your project should persuade that this Part is better than its opponent. This is an important issue, which is always popular and so, you’ll have a lot of listeners.

Make sure your topic isn’t too broad. If you cover the entire issue, you’ll simply run out of time. You cannot tell about the history, main principles, struggles and similar things of both sides. Narrow your choice to a concrete point. You can focus on the major differences between two parties. Your topic may sound like this – The Main Differences between the Republican and Democratic Parties and Why the Republicans Are Better.

Afterward, you should find strong arguments that give some general understanding of the main principles of both sides. The next step is to show the supremacy of the Republican Party with the help of contrast. Find relevant data to make your research really convincing. Make sure you have enough of supporting materials.

Brilliant ideas for persuasive speech topics

Under the condition, you still struggle with a choice of good topics for your persuasive speech we can help you. Our experts have generated some great ideas from different spheres. You’ll definitely find some proper options.

Animal Life:

  1. Is it safe to keep Pitbulls at home?
  2. Should be zoos forbidden?
  3. Why do people keep pets?
  4. People should adopt more pets.
  5. The government must spend more money to help homeless animals.


  1. Should the driving age begin at 14?
  2. Why drivers who talk on phones while they drive must be penalized?
  3. Dangers from chasing cars by the police.
  4. How to prevent accidents?
  5. How to share the road with bikes?

The Business Industry:

  1. Why advertising is a powerful weapon for businesses?
  2. The main advantages of online operations.
  3. Offline vs. online business.
  4. What is the use of a business plan?
  5. How leadership skills affect the working process.


  1. Why taxes are important for the government?
  2. Is globalization a positive happening for the USA?
  3. How does global trading affect US citizens?
  4. Employment of the cheaper foreign workforce is dangerous for the local economy.
  5. The oil corporations are responsible for rising energy prices.

Educational Sphere:

  1. It’s necessary to offer free tutoring of poor children.
  2. The major advantages of online education.
  3. What is the use of a gap year?
  4. Why studying abroad is useful for students?
  5. How to prevent racism on the campus?

You’re welcome to use our concepts. They belong to different spheres of our life and you’ll surely face them while you prepare your speech projects. We likewise recommend looking for some other lists as well. It’s a reasonable and helpful way to enlarge your knowledge and come up with brilliant ideas. Surf the Internet and read special educational websites. Besides, you can use the assistance of some trustworthy academic writing agencies. They are capable of generating the best ideas for persuasive speech topics.